De-bordering climate-change


We are seeing climate change happening before our eyes: floods, drought, sea level rise and heavy peak rainfall. Which is worrying for a country like the Netherlands that is largely below sea level. Recently, the debate on climate adaptation strategies for the Netherlands has been stirred up considerably.

In 2019 already, Deltares has drawn up four adaptation strategies for the Netherlands; one of these strategies is called ‘meebewegen’, which includes the possibility of relocation to higher ground in the East. No more building in the delta, but rather focussing on the high sandy soil. In other words, an alluring perspective for the borderland, which can lead to a boost for the development of that same borderland. The documentary ‘De klimaatverkenner’ deals specifically with this scenario and comedian Patrick Nederkoorn even made a performance on this theme “Die orangene Gefahr: Die Hollander kommen”.

On June 9th, 12.30 – 16.30h we will discuss the future of the borderland, assuming that in a few decades, millions of citizens currently living in the west of the Netherlands will begin migrating towards the east of the Netherlands. What opportunities and threats will arise then for the Dutch-German borderland? What are the consequences for the labour market? What business opportunities will this create?

The symposium is intended for students, Fontys staff as well as partners from the field. See the flyer for complete information and full programme. Sign up here.

Location: Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo | Building Villa Flora (room Future Forum) Villafloraweg 1, 5928 SZ Venlo, The Netherlands.
Organised by: Fontys (CBBD), UPenn, Municipality of Venlo, Stadt Krefeld.

For Fontys students: this event is part of the PPD program. In case you would like to participate in the context of PPD make sure you register at the PPD portal as well in order to receive your points.

Auteur: Vincent Pijnenburg


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